Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this needs addressing today also...

So, I was over at Liberty Belle's blog and reading about how she feels about the "fat cats" that are getting away with millions and million of dollars since our whole economic situation started smoking and making awful grinding noises.

As you know it's April 15th, and it's the last day to file your taxes. So patriots across the nation took it upon themselves to use today for Tea Party protests. I love it!

But I don't believe in not paying taxes- I just get all riled up at the idea of taxation without representation. Maybe we expect this to mean something different than it did 200 years ago, but our point is a good one.

I don't like the bailouts. Some people have lost their life savings and others (who made grave mistakes) walk away richer than ever.

People who took out loans they couldn't realistically afford are being helped, and those who live withing their means will continue to scrape by, on the sweat of their efforts. I wager those who made bad choices aren't learning much from this, except that CRIME PAYS?

However, I have some beef with Liberty Belle's crowd.

1) Obama did not create these problems. I see a lot of folks blaming the dude, and waxing poetic about their beloved Republican party, but seriously. Come on.

2) Our endearing ex-Pres spent the next generations tax dollars on a ridiculous war. Thanks a heap. At least the stimulus package is intended to fix our own problems, which is what we should have been focused on all along.


Anonymous said...

We would do far better as a nation if we focused on our own problems instead of the problems of the rest of the world.

I am a roads-and-libraries Libertarian, meaning that I support the idea that basic infrastructure and basic education should be handled by the government. Nearly everything else could be handled more efficiently and with less bureaucracy by individuals or private groups.

Our founding fathers did not envision a world in which the tax payer would be on the hook for the failings of corporations and banks. It is unfortunate that we have allowed the banking system to become so encompassing that a bank failure could lead to an international crisis. History repeats itself yet again, but on a much larger scale.

The bailouts are about upholding the status quo, about borrowing against the future so that we might continuing living in excess today. I am angry with Obama, not because he inherited the problems that have been caused in part by Bush, and also by the past thirty years of poor judgment, but because he believes that temporary solutions will solve long-term problems.

I do not believe that the Republicans can do any better. I believe that partisan politics is partially why we are in this mess, and that both the Republicans and Democrats are irredeemably corrupt.

Memarie Lane said...

Most teabaggers are not protesting taxation as an institution, they are protesting our current tax system. They believe there should be taxes, but that there are better, more efficient, and more fair ways to go about it.