Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's too early for this kind of nonsense

BUT I AM SEARCHING HIGH AND LOW for the stupid title to the stupid broken down Saturn. Because I get to sell it today for 200 stupid dollars. And, get this, I have been searching since before 5 am.

When do I ever wake up at 5 am??

I'll tell you when, that's an easy one: When I have a plane to catch, or someone I love has a plane to catch, or when Brian convinces me it's a good idea to wake up at 5 to go ride 30 freakin miles by bike (in the cold).

Ha, that's funny, my alarm just went off on my phone, and I've already listened to 4 albums while searching and cleaning and going through random crap.

Tell me, WHY the F--- don't I know where this stupid little piece of paper is??? Argh!!!!!!

I'm so cranky about this. I hate being disorganized, and I was actually getting quite on top of things until two small brunette whirlwinds tore through my room the other day and upended a few boxes of stuff I had salvaged from the Saturn all over the floor... and the title was in there. And now, it is NOWHERE. :(

I want a sugar fix. I want this to all go away.


Anonymous said...

For $35, you can order a replacement title from the State.

I had to do that for my Camaro. The day after I sold it to my uncle, I found the original title in my filing cabinet, it had fallen out of one of the drawers.

Gladis said...

I'm thinking about it, but how long does that take?

Anonymous said...

It takes about a week.