Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much effort has gone into keeping me busy this past weekend, and it was phenomenally divertive.

Thursday night, Helen convinced me to go to the New Gasoline Alley for Sam's show. It was pretty cool and the theme, retro-night, applied to the pricing scheme.

Saturday night was Chad's birthday "party" at cousin Sean's house. Turned out to be much less of an event than I had anticipated, however Helen, Mike, and Lloyd showed up which made it funner for me. Then I went home (drunk) to make some pancakes and play a late night game of Scrabble with Justin, Helen, and Sam. That was unexpected and great.

Sunday, Justin and I struck out for Busch Gardens which was insane. I couldn't speak all day on Monday. And half of Tuesday. :) Because of screaming on scary rides and talking in line for scary rides. Seriously, I don't know if you can comprehend these roller coasters. Oh, and the comparatively benign river rapids ride got me with it's waterfall. Soaked to the bone!

The kids and I stayed busy here on Monday night but they were so well behaved it surprised me, and last night Amy and Charles came over. Red wine, herbed brie, crackers, and a lot of adult conversation, wooo!

Thanks, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Well, it was timed just right to get you under the waterfall.

No one suspects that tiny little waterfall at the end. Heh.