Friday, April 10, 2009

bona fide day off work

My plans are all things a car-less person can do... but I intend to have a really great day off. No way am I staying in and folding laundry or doing homework or something.

No, I am going to the beach in a bit. I've got spf 70 for the back tattoo, however the rest of me could use a little sun glow. Really, this is the sort of day when I KNOW how lucky I am to live here. At the drop of a hat I can go sink myself in white sand (and shells) with a book in hand and hopefully a jack and ginger tucked in my tote bag, and while away the day.

Other things on the agenda; take bike to bike shop (not looking forward to this errand, but last chance to do this before Monday), hopefully go to the gym (they also have normal hours today, woo), and then maybe I will get to that laundry folding and homework after all, since tomorrow I'll be headed to a cookout/birthday party for my cousin in law. Chad Greene- all these years you've been at all our keg parties and birthday parties and what not, partying with the best of 'em, but cheers to you! Happy 21st!!

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April Lindfors said...

Sounds like a great plan. You are inspiring me to get myself to the beach or trail despite my back ache. It really is a perfect day for it.