Tuesday, July 8, 2008

WTH is wrong with me sometimes?

We are in the last week or so of being around. In town. In the States, even.

I have no flippin clue what I'm actually taking with me (other than the kiddos, lol), just NO CLUE.

Last night, when my roommate asked, "Oh, what day of the week is it that you guys are leaving?" I drew a blank. With no certainty about my own plans, all I could say was that the 15th IS a Wednesday. My other friend piped in and corrected me... because apparently Wednesday is the 16th. Um, yeah. I have no clue.

But, in my defense, I know when I am leaving FROM Miami to Colombia. I know we are leaving on the 18th of July FROM Miami. And the world is not going to end if I decide to go to Miami on the 15th instead of the 16th, but actually, the 16th is sounding pretty good to me right now anyways ;-)

And guess who figured out that I can save a bunch of money if I take a train to Miami?? And that it takes as long as driving somewhere?

Oh, yeah, that's right! It was the smart-ass friend, lol.

Basically, there is nothing technically barring the trip from happening at this point. The expedited passports are in my hot little hands.

I just need to buy those train tickets and figure out how to work financial magic for the month of August. Otherwise, I will just be really destitute upon my return. As in, more than usual.

Oh, also, totally unrelated, but I am just very proud... I DOUBLED my time on the elliptical trainer yesterday. I have worked very hard to get past 5, 6, and 10 mins on that object of torture, however yesterday evening I did an easy set of 12 minutes, got some water, and then got back on to do 16 more minutes. Followed by the most awesome circuit training ever.

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Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Woooo! Good job on the elliptical.

And good luck on the traveling. Sounds like a great adventure; hope the kids are good travelers!