Thursday, July 3, 2008

just when I thought the coast was clear

It's like a fresh, fresh wound. I feel incredibly sick.

Harry just (gleefully?) told me that Tom's been engaged to Paige since early March. Wait, i'm confused... he and I were planning on getting married, and were even trying to concieve back then.

Then he started acting 'different', we grew more distant, and even tried to upset each other some in the death throes of those last couple of weeks.

But- being serious about someone else like that?

Tom has not confirmed the extent of that rumor, but he has finally admitted (just this moment) that he and Paige are an item, as of late. And he says he's happy now, and that he wants me to stop texting him, but he's the one who's been initiating the conversations.

I was all giddy, why did this crap have to come up today?

Let it just be said that for the record (pulling a 'Trent' here):

I don't think I ever want to be in a relationship with someone who has not had their share of devastation/had their heart trampled like this. It would just be too hard to relate, I think.

I'm trying to believe that this will all have made me a better person, a more well rounded and less naive person.

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