Monday, July 7, 2008

editorial note

Wow. That last post had no transition between topics at all.


Today, work was pretty good, considering I LOCKED MY KEYS in my car. Thankfully, I was on delivery to my kids (who needed pizza, bc their dad has a sore throat). So, I sat inside with them and got some stuff sorted out regarding un-locking the car, and then H gave me a ride back to work, so I could help close up shop and cash out.

Helen is a true fairy-adopted-sister because she came out there, while I was at work and had AAA undo the mischief, and then I got a ride back over there with friends at the end of the night.

It did rain quite a bit today. Monsoon pizza day. Yes, driving like that is nerve wracking, but I am always up for hours spent listening to the radio.

And on Sundays, I tend to learn stuff.

Ok, go listen to Studio 360 now, go!

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