Sunday, July 13, 2008

Damn that Smarty Mama ; - )

We went out last night and she plied me with hot wings and a pitcher of Blue Moon. Ah, one last good old American night out with my girl, B.

We decided to take our mission seriously, so I sat us at the bar right next to a table full of hot Air Force guys (yes, in uniform), and then I ate way too many wings. WTH. Chicken wings, I ate way to many of those... geez people.

I'd had such an awesome workout earlier in the day that it seemed completely sadistic to deny myself at that point. Which is why, upon my return from the wings and beer fest, I chowed down on Perch* Pie with Helen (roommate) and Sam (her guy), in celebration of his birthday. And we all watched a really scary movie, too, but the buffering drove us MAD and really heightened the suspense, too.

And now I'm in the final moments of getting ready for the month away... I pulled out the big suitcase, and laid it on my upstairs sofa. Now I just have to fill it with EVERYTHING. I just don't know if my hopes and dreams and wishes and inspirations and uncertanties are getting squeezed in there along with everything else or if those are going to be waiting here for me, when I return to this place that is so HOME I cannot imagine how I ever didn't want to live here.

*Label should have read Peach Pie, but the printer ink at the bakery made up a better name, Perch Pie

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