Sunday, July 27, 2008

a Rumbiar!

from Friday night-

Victoria, my cousin, took me out with another American-Colombiana and a Colombian guy friend (Leo?). We went to La Casa de la Cerbeza (The House of Beer), where we ordered and finished off a bottle of aguardiente, lol. It's a liqour that tastes like anise or almonds or something... I am not sure, because I started at home with red wine (and do I EVER drink red wine? no, never) and then a beer at a soccer game before we went out dancing.

Yeah, and my ears are ringing (loudly) and I'm pretty drunk. Oh, but the MUSIC. Mmmmm.

By American standards, I sometimes tend to think I'm a pretty good dancer, but I was put to shame. Well, that's my interpretation, anyways, but you know me. I think she was just trying to be nice. Leo did give me a proper salsa lesson or two, and I had fun, as always!

I will add that Calienos don't really appear to drive any different after a whole bottle of liqour, it's pretty much the same thing... Or everyone gets really drunk during the daytime, too.

Also interesting to note- in dance clubs here, at the end of the night, they send a server around with a tray of little plastic cups. I assumed it was more shots of something venomous but my cousin said it was cups of hot soup. Mentiras! I said to Vicky. But, yes, it was in fact chicken soup with lots of cilantro, and a freshly made one at that.

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