Friday, July 4, 2008


and couturie ...

Two made-up words I really can't get out of my head right now.

Pazieme is my alteration of the middle baby-name we had. Tom liked Paz (translates to Peace). I like French names (maybe because I'm 1/4 francaise?), and I added the ending to make me smile.

I'm keeping the name. Besides his (newer, better) other-half is pushing forty and they probably won't be reproducing anyways. BTW I'm feeling better about the nonsense w/ the ex. After Harry revealed to me that the new gf is a woman who he cheated on his ex with about 20 years ago (reminding me that she's WAAAAAAY older than me) I decided that she's got nuthin on me. Besides, her 'boyfriend' is a royal tramp.

I've always known couture is French for sewing/seam, and couturier, a dressmaker. But drop the final 'r' and you get a word that is a little closer to what I'm up to today.

My silky pink paisley fabric is quite nearly a completed dress. Just some more detailing to do. I'll post pic's if I get it done before I have to leave to par-tay.


Can I just say I am REALLY TIRED.
The last few days/nights have been wild and fun and unnexpected. And sure, there are some lows, but also some nice high points.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That sucks.

I have certainly had my difficulties with relationships over the years. I can relate.