Monday, July 14, 2008

can you taste that sultry summer air?

MMM. Just got home, and can I say: I do love living here. I know I do a lot of complaining when it's murderously hot out and all, and I do still prefer a crisp afternoon to brain damage and heat stroke, but today there was something about the palm trees and the warm air and the glow of the afternoon.

I'd say it was the perfect day to meet a hot guy w/ adorable little boy in tow... Smarty Mama brought him to our playgroup, and I don't think any of the mommmies were complaining, lol. Funny enough, he and I are almost the same age, and we know some of the same people. We chatted for a while, and he got my email addy before we left.

Smarty told me that he had complained to her that he's tired of dating women his age (mid 20's) because they only want one thing from him. He wants to date someone who understands having children and busy schedules.



Cassandra said...

Aww you found a cutie pie with kids :) About time LOL. and you are right now one was complaining well except for the fact he is too young and Im still married but besides that...

I know I get alot from my friends about how hot and gross it is.. but really I love the beach and the salt air so if you hate leave if not try to find the positive right?

Memarie Lane said...

Sounds planned. ;)