Monday, March 16, 2009

writing my paper today

Wish me lots of luck. While this is fascinating work (basically writing an Anthropology paper, however since it's for World Religions, I'm using MLA not AAA format, but such is life), there are only so many hours in the day.

Foolishly, I was so embroiled in the whole 'what's going on with my boyfriend?' thing that I forgot to start this project earlier in the week. Or I just wanted the adrenaline rush of doing it all now?

Eh, well it'll be an easy enough paper to write. I've chosen to outline the basic tenets of the Patchakuti Mesa carrying tradition. By that I mean I will discuss the Mesa as a representation of the shaman or carrier's Universe, how humans function as conduits of healing energy, Sacred Reciprocity, and the Eagle and Condor myth.

Either way, I'm happily employed by it now and also feeling emotionally secure.

We had a nice night in, last night, and I needed to hear that Billy had been thinking about us and that while he was in Spring Hill all day on Saturday working, what he really wanted to be doing was patching things up with me.

So we did. He cuddled me extra tight while we laughed at The Daily Show. We got improvisational and wrote a couple of little songs together. We slept in a tangle, like puppies.

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Gladis said...

STILL WRITING. About 500 words down, and a million more to go... about to make more tea and maybe take a yoga break.

Bill just sent me a Happy St. Patrick's Day note, maybe I'll go pop open a beer and then get back to work. Ha!