Friday, March 20, 2009

whilest I envy the married people

Many times over you've heard me say that I loved being married and that I was an excellent spouse, I just wished I'd married someone I LOVED. [Interestingly though, I didn't know how much I liked being a wife until after I'd given up my position.] And of course, I wonder IF and WHEN I will ever have the chance to be someone's wife again, under the right circumstances.

But, in contrast to other single women, there is a certain piece of the impatient puzzle that I don't have to chase. I am a mother, and I can already start looking forward to seeing my progeny out-pace me, to their burgeoning young adulthoods, and someday, to grandchildren :)

On a certain biological level, I won't have to worry about whether or not that special person will want to marry me or not, because my mission here is already underway.

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