Saturday, March 28, 2009

some thoughts

- Trampolines are good clean fun.

- My Grecian sandals are in a sorry state now, seeing as that I BROKE them on the trampoline (2 footwear fatalities in one week now, betwixt Billy and I).

- My back really hurts from moving a stone bench with Lloyd (damn you, stone bench), and I've got numerous bruises and whatnot. Some of them seem to be from Wednesday night, however I have no idea what caused them.

- The Mr. didn't go jumping with us last night, which was fine with me. I took it in stride; nothing personal. But we are scheming for Fort De Soto for Sunday, and I want (need?) him to materialize for that. Plus, I want to tell him about my sandals, and about Mike and Amy making out, and about all this fairly boring stuff.

- So, to that end, I am going to go write a paper. So that I can be free for beach time fun tomorrow!

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