Wednesday, September 17, 2008

step lively

Again, the pace is starting to drain me.

Drive to drop off kids, go to class/work, drive to pick up kids, errands, stress, homework, exams, class/work, kids, stress, sleep, stress, class, errands, exams.

You see why I had to spend time "unwinding" last night with a (hot) guy friend? Yes, that's what we young people call it these days. Plus- he made eggs in the morning and served them with orange juice and coffee. Yippee!

All the while, my gas gauge is on E and I have $1.50. No joke. I have held on to this $1.50 now for a few days, reluctant to spend it (now I am cursing myself for my EXTRAVAGANT five dollar purchase over the weekend... that was really going out on a limb and I knew it). Both my accounts are empty. WHERE is that student check?

In ten years, we will all be laughing when we "remember that time", won't we?

Won't we??

Yeah, things are interesting right now. This is a great learning experience, though. Did I mention how good my grades have been? That's definately a plus.

Work today was good. I re-did a sign in the hall where the professor's office numbers are posted. It was a wreck before, and, of course, is done perfectly now. Then I bullshited with my professors as they stopped by the office, answered phones, ran a few errands for the department, got some free food for some special occasion on campus, and shredded a million and one sheets of top secret math-test-scratch-paper. [I know you've always wondered where your scratch paper goes, haven't you?]

Oh, I saw my good friend, Hilary Flower, today, too! :-) She teaches Earth Science @ Clearwater SPC.

Oh, and I'm sorta sad to say I have no new bike miles to list. My mom drove me to Chem lecture tonight, and then bought the kids and I a burrito afterwards. She's awesome. At least I went to the gym on Sunday morning, but that's sort of pitiful, huh?

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