Thursday, September 18, 2008

...licentious means dirty

HTH ;-)

Haha, and on that note, off to the shower. Just got home from doing about 9 miles... I say "about" because I am really not sure.

I rode in one direction alone and I know I rode 2 miles and then my roommate called me and proposed family ride night. So I told her to head north and meet me. I know I rode 2 miles back the other way and then she and I rode for about 45 minutes through the neighborhoods, and our closest park. At the pace we were doing, I usually can go about 4 miles in a half hour, so in 45 minutes, guessing we did 5 miles is sort of a low guess, but since I have no clue... it's good enough.

I saw some really gorgeous clouds tonight and I feel victorious because my school refund arrived this evening and that means I can finally budget out the next few months of [meager as usual :-) ] living. Kinda.

Just wait and see what I post next week... I am rediculously excited, but still unsure if I can justify spending some money.

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