Sunday, September 14, 2008

forgot to tell you

My sundress blowing in the breeze, I did about 8 miles yesterday, in the beautiful late afternoon. I rode from here to downtown, then over to Clearwater Beach, and I was (literally) muttering obscenities as I crossed that crazy steep bridge.

And then, after you cross the first, there's another bridge, with less of an incline, thank goodness. An there is a sign that says "No Jumping Off Bridge" at the start of the second one, because I think they knew what I was feeling as I approached.

Well, anyways, I felt great once I arrived at my destination and cruised around for a while, enjoying this different pace. I stopped into Kiku for some sushi because I have been wanted to get a bite there for over a year now, and I never seem to be in the neighborhood when they are open.

Amazing. Freakin delicious. I just wish I could have spent more than $5!

It is likely going to be my new (every other) weekend routine; ride over that bridge, bask in the glow of the beachy-vibes, and get my wasabi/ginger/seafood fix.

Who's going with me next time?

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