Saturday, September 6, 2008

Since I'm REALLY NOT in the mood to recount the story of the bet I lost (argh!! Shel Silverstein!!), and and how I got my car back last night, instead I will blog to you as I watch Palin's speech online. No, I didn't see it televised. I am watching it right now, right this very minute.

min 5- Will the audience ever stop screaming and clapping, and let her get a word in edgewise?

min 10- Damn, she is likeable. The comment about special needs families needing a friend in the White House moves me to shed a tear.

min 14- Oh, I just joined PTA! Man, I just wish this woman (who is so likeable) and who seems to support my right to have guns (woohoo! yes, I'm a "bad" liberal) didn't want to take away MY right to choose (a safe and legal abortion on MY terms). Both of those things seem like inalienable rights to me.

min 15- Ooh, a liberal just got removed from the convention room, lol! I didn't see what happened.

min 18- I feel enamoured by her line about the duty of politicians to leave the country better than they found it. That is sort of my way of approaching everything. I like the bit about going to the White House with a "servant's heart".

min 22- Oh, yes. Back to the oil-talk. She makes herself sound like one of the good guys. I am scratching my head now.

min 25- How about we become energy self sufficient by FIRST reducing use and then by drilling to meet the need that remains? There's an idea.

min 28- Shit. Am I a Republican? I also agree with Palin that the government needs to be smaller, with all the unnecessary nonsense weeded out. I am 100% for programs that BENEFIT Americans (ie; Medicaid, foodstamps, Pell grants) but how, in good conscience, can taxes be spent on bureaucracy that gets in between the people and the resources intended for them?

min 34- Feeling conflicted. Feeling confused. Feeling torn. Why is it that I am so misrepresented by every candidate. Who is the one that represents me?? No, I'm not a Dem, I've always been staunchly NON partisan, however I don't see a smart candidate meets me on the issues that matter most to me are environmental and economic responsibility, equality (yes, I mean gay marriage), truth, and protecting personal freedoms.

min 40- More applause. I'm going to go have a bowl of cereal now, as I ponder this.

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Memarie Lane said...

I don't know why but I was just very underwhelmed by her speech. It felt like one big PTA meeting to me, I was really hoping to be impressed. Here's an article about her qualifications and claims you might want to look at: