Thursday, September 11, 2008

Self medicating. The Rx: one tent, some water, stars

Although life is good, I was feeling stressed out this afternoon.

It's probably because of a stupid issue that popped up with the kids' dad, normal financial problems (still waiting on this semester's Pell grant), pressure to finish a few custom diaper orders but not really feeling the drive to work on them, and just some general uncertainty.

So anyways, just now, while we were discussing living a balanced life my roommate told me a story about something that happened at the Mesa Link up last night.

To make a long story short, it was advised to someone who was dealing with some personal imbalance to make a point of getting fresh air and reconnecting with nature, each and every day. That is a very common sense thing to say, when someone needs to de-stress, but I think maybe it's SO common-sense-ical that we all tend to forget those needs sometimes.

I'm not doing badly in that department; I've been getting lot's of exercise since I got home from Colombia, and much of it has been outdoors.

Plus, a few years ago I developed a habit (that has really stuck with me) of staring at the sky or at tree branches as a way of processing extreme stress. I go to the beach (though I haven't lately) to swim and reconnect. But that all just seems like mental health maintenance.

So, as Helen told me what the shaman's advice to our friend was, I jumped out of my seat, having an epiphany.

I'm going camping. Yes, right now.

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