Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what we´ve been doing

I took the kiddos to see Wall E last night. It made me tear up, and we had some really interesting discussions about it. Since there isn´t much speaking in the movie at all, I don´t think the kids missed anything due to the language barrier. Besides, they are now accustomed to watching cartoons in spanish, anyways.

They still don´t speak much at all. Other than the basics; hola, ciao, buenos dias, buenas noches, chocolate.

I like taking them out by myself. I can pretend to be a local when no one is acting like a tour guide. Of course, when people actually take me for a local and I have no clue, my ruse is up, lol.

We´ve done lot of things... storytime at the library, El Museo De Oro (Gold Museum), la Merced (Cali´s oldest church), the Cali Zoo, the nice malls. My first week here, I also went to an outdoor market (without them, @ abuela´s request), and that was really really cool. They should have been there.

There is a circus in town right now, but you know how I feel about circus´s... I´m more interested in joining the PETA protesters and buying an arepa outside the circus than I am in going to see the show.

For today, I am thinking about heading to La Galleria again, where you can find traditional stuff. We still need to go to San Antonio (another historic distric) and to La Parque de la Cañe (Park of the Sugar Cane... it´s a water park with slides and everything), and I want to see the sugar cane processing museum, but I have no idea where it is.

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