Tuesday, August 26, 2008

do I have anecdotes?


My chem lab partner is a well dressed, smart-mouthed, adorable asian kid. I'm guessing Cambodian. The (slightly) younger students all seem to stick out that way to me, though. You know, the ones I'm talking about, right?

Half of them have fresh faces, and futures in sororities and fraternities. My new lab partner is one of those boys ;-) The other half of the younger students tend to be the ones who come in to their morning math classes drunk or in pajamas (NO).

After chem lab, I had an interview for one of the student employment jobs (the math office one).

Ooh, and there were free sandwiches and water bottles on campus today, as a welcome back sort of thing. They even had whole wheat bread :-)

Also, Core had her first real school experience today, and I think it went well. She told me a few little things about her day, but not too much yet. I was really nervous because she "homeschooled" last year, which for us meant exploring history, art, science, and other cultures... I knew my child was not going to blow them away in the reading and writing dept.

Sorry, is that bad to say? Just being honest. She's lucky she can print her name and sound out words, and trust me, it was a laborious task to get her that far. And I worked with struggling kindergardeners and first graders last year and the year before, so I had some idea of what I was trying to accomplish, too.

But, I am very optimistic. I feel like being in a structured environment will definately propell her on the path towards real literacy.

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