Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Forgot to tell you...

I picked my classes for the fall.

It´s going to be wonderfully crazy =)

I have Chem II plus Chem II lab, Trig, American history, & Art History II. And I´m going back to tutoring America Reads, if possible.
Plus my own kids, work, and the gym, hahahahahahah.

It´s all part of my ´Make Myself Scarce´ plan. Supply and demand, baby.


Teresa said...

GIRL! I get a panic attack just thinking about your classes!!! Good luck! I am registered at SPC for the fall. I am taking Psychology, Intermediate Algebra & my basic computer requirement. Decided to go completely online so we will see how it goes. We miss ya, hope you are having a great time!!!!

Gladis said...

ew, I hate onlines now. I used to love ´em. Good luck!

And I´m not too stressed, I´m unusually good at Chem. Straight A´s and so on. Art hist is my fun class, and trig, also not too bad.