Friday, August 8, 2008

maybe that was not fair

I shouldn´t sound so contrary, and I realize it. My aunt took us into her home, and has enjoyed my children in her home.

Her comments were (probably) not intended to be injurious, and I agree with her premise, if not with her method. I DO want to look hot. You are only young once, it´s true. And it won´t get any easier if I wait 15 years, will it? (I just HATED that she explained over HOW big I am, when I am actually sorta average)

Barb inspired me with a simple porridge several weeks ago, and I finally checked out Tosca Reno´s website. I joined their Eat Clean message board for new recipes and motivation. I love healthy food... no more junk, k? K

well, not too much junk, anyways.


Juan said...

hi Gladis, I'm really sorry i couldnt talk to you today, i got your message though, vickys numbers are

home 3395465

cell 311 329-5170

call me again if you cant get in touch with her. i spoke to her today, she said if there is any problems, you could stay with her. please let me know.

John Alex said...

Healthy food rocks my socks off.

Nature's Food Patch has the best deli.

When do you come back?

Barb said...

Hey you! I finally found your blog and just read EVERYTHING to catch myself up. WOW!!! I'm so glad you wrote all this. I'm sure your aunt didn't mean anything personal. Yes, it's a cultural difference. We miss you and the kids! xoxoxo