Friday, August 22, 2008

did I mention

I'm thinking about making another tattoo appointment... There is so much black and grey shading to work on, and I'm impatient that it's not DONE yet.

Look at this cool picture Not me, lol, just really good work.

Also, last night, I went to see Amy and her 7 week old baby, Avery, yesterday. And Laurie (Amy's older sister), and their parents. So, that was fun, and we ate some really delicious hummus there, at the gorgeous beach rental house.

Do you know I have known Amy since I was 11? No kidding.

And, today, I got to go to the courthouse to get something notarized, to SPC to buy textbooks, and finish submitting myself into the "pool" for various different student employment positions.

Here they are, in order of my preference:

Photo lab assistant.
That is basically a TA job where I'd get to set up/shut down the lab for Photo I students, and whatnot. Probably be allowed to develop my own film, plus I love labwork.

Fine Arts dept assistant.
This job listing says you must be willing to walk from building to building and do some light lifting. I love that. A job without physical activity is kind of boring, imo.

Mathmatics Office assistant.
Answering phones, taking exams to the scantrons, and doing my homework.

Clearwater SPC Library.
It would give me a chance to wear my glasses ;-) and, again, possibly time for homework, but the library is relaxing... too relaxing to work?

International Students office assistant.
A good chance to use some spanish? The position requires you to be bilingual. Con: requires one evening a week, and I don't wanna work evenings anymore! I am so tired of that.

So, now I am "kid-free" for the weekend, which for me means tonight for dinner I had sushi with enough wasabi on it to make me pound my fists on the livingroom floor until I could control myself.

Now, I'm getting ready to go out.

Tommorrow, I am going to see Amy and family again, for lunch etc.

You know, this whole no-kids-at-night-for-a-month thing is sort of relaxing. Especially after a whole month with nary a shower to myself, much less a bed, or going out. OK, I have to go finish getting ready; it's getting late!

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