Friday, February 6, 2009

for once, I'm advocating playing by the rules in science AND dating ;-)

I've had two epiphanies about doing things the "right way". I know I usually mock rigid-rule-followers as bleating sheep, but today, I feel... different.

So, today, in lab, I was irritated to no end by the BAD FORM I saw all around me.

I mean, really. WHO wears flip flips to lab? Rule no. 1, right?

Also, when you have toxic stuff in slippery little glass containers and you are manuvering in a crowded space, you have to behave a certain way. In restaurant work, to prevent burns and wasted food/time, you call out "I'm behind you" or "coming through" or something like that. Common sense.

Don't be mean and leave a huge mess for the lab tech assistants. Come on. Wash your own stuff. Even in high school we washed all our own glassware.

And lastly, while this one is just ettiquette, I still think it's important; don't go to a station where there's stuff everyone needs to use, and cozy up to it like it's your personal science experiment. Get you stuff and go back to your work station (please!).

And, while we've all had fun tracking my various missteps and faux pas in dating, I have to break it to you; an era may have ended. But before I elaborate, a trip down memory lane perhaps?

Lessons I've learned:

1) If your best friend/roommate says "sure, I'll introduce you, but he's a little clingy/crazy/difficult/maniacal" don't even bother with a few first dates, because he'll be calling you vicious names as soon as you tell him that moving to South America together is not actually on the agenda.

2) Don't hook up with anyone you work with, or for that matter, the son of the owner of your workplace.

3) Same goes for next door neighbors, it gets tricky.

4) Substance abusers = complicated times at best, severely twisted reality at worst.

5) If you have that feeling that you genuinely like someone, don't (for goodness sakes) rush into, well, everything. Draw it out.

6) Physical relations (no matter how hot, steamy, and spontaneous) with no emotional quotient don't make for skipping-down-the-sidewalk mornings. Sharing thoughts and holding hands is sorely underrated.

Anyways, I'm proud of myself for taking things slow right now. I'm enjoying the scenery and whatnot. :-)


Anonymous said...

Being a chemistry lab tech assistant in a community college is a brutal job.

A friend of mine did it while she was in college at SPC. It would be common to clean a mess, only to discover that some idiot mixed in a high molarity acid for kicks. You pretty much have to assume that any mess is caustic, even if the chemistry professor says otherwise.

Cleaning the fume hood? Not fun.

Gladis said...

Yeah, that has to be the worst on-campus job.

Its no wonder the techs get lab-coats, to help preserve their dignity (and wardrobe). It's pretty much the only perk that job has.

bRiaN said...

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."


Gladis said...

I love Thoreau's sense of priorities, and that quote in particular, thanks.

amlizabeth said...

here here to number 5!