Monday, February 9, 2009

Nooo! Do anything else- just don't take Sbarro's!

I've been following all the reccession news via NPR and the occasional Yahoo tidbit (but you know how Yahoo headlines make me cranky...). Today, I read that Claire's, Sbarro's, and a few other big names are suspected to face major financial crises in the coming months.

Helen will be happy to hear that Pizza Hut is doing well, compared to Sbarro's, and as our local Pizza Ambassador, she'd like you to know:

Pizza loves you too.


Anonymous said...

I used to think that pizza loved me. I learned this weekend that this is no longer true. Pizza and I no longer get along.

Then again, I have spoiled myself with my own cooking for so long that most “fast” food disagrees with me now.

Gladis said...

Ever make pizza at home, Renaissance-Man?


Anonymous said...

I have, from scratch.

Homemade sourdough, homemade sauce, homemade sausage, and (sadly) store-bought cheese.

It was very tasty, and agreeable with my stomach. :-)