Saturday, June 28, 2008

weekend warrior?? um, no.

Ahhh. The most taxing thing I've had to do yet today was try and remember my paypal password so I could pay for this rediculously cheap dress that I won (99 cents). Cute, huh? Hope it doesn't end up being really awful.

It's going on the trip with me, to the land of perfect weather and waterfalls and salsa dancing. I hear Colombia is exceedingly sexy and style-concious, and I'm suiting up, oh yessiree. Well, sort of.

How much tattoo to keep covered while I'm out and about there has also been on my mind. My abuelita's really cool, but I don't want to embarrass them, so I'll try to bring a flexible wardrobe.

Anyways. The kids are at a birthday party with Harry now. I should probably go be productive... I have some stuff I need to be doing, now that it's well into the afternoon. I don't really believe in getting up and out of the house early. Especially not on the weekends, if it can be helped.

Clearly, Friday was a fluke. Although I felt like I had been let into some secret society where McDonalds really does serve breakfast items (like they say on the radio!), it caught up with me. I don't know if I'm ready to trade in my owlish ways yet.

Besides, McDonalds gives always me a bad stomach ache.

My plan for the day:

The gym. I skipped W/Th/F because of work, so that's probably why I was depressed yesterday. I get silly-happy from all those endorphins.

Sewing? That one is a maybe. The other new dress, the one I'm making, is about half way finished.

Do laundry (I have coins already, and that's half the battle).

Buy some groceries.

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driving me batty...