Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm clearly a novice

So, those of you who have been there/done that with dating... how long is the indeterminable period, now? How much time is "normal" to pass between last night and the next time I hear from him?

Just to put things in perspective, Tom was texting me again just minutes after our first few real dates, and we all know how BADLY that ended, so I'm certainly not saying I want anyone to follow suit.

I'm just worried now that I got it all wrong.

SC and I had a fun night. Well, I had fun, and he said he did. I know, I'm all doubts sometimes. And then he said that line that is tv cliche for 'you will never hear from me again'... "I'll call you".

Just so you can be as confused as me, I will add that he made a point of doing the touching my arm thing in conversation, and he was actually asking me questions about myself (I did ask him things too, when I got that chance). When the subject of the beach came up, he literally said he wants to go with me (yes, even though I'm all inked up, haha).

Perhaps it's silly to agonize over any of this he said/I said stuff, but I have something to say that is going to rock your world:

Guys lie.

Please, contain yourselves. I know it's horrid and shocking.

In the past year or so, I have seen and heard it all. And I'm talking about situations where the guy didn't have to lie. I have grown wary.


Michelle said...

Have you tried to call him? I'm a little fuzzy on dating ethics, but it seems like it's worth a try!

Gladis said...

It seems too soon to call, it's not really been 24 hours. I did text to say thanks, and that I had fun.