Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's a trade off

I skipped my Monday afternoon Salsa/Hip Hop class.

It was a trade off, but you know what, well worth it. It's really nice to entertain at home (do I sound like I've been reading the society pages of Vouge or what?), especially on such a hot day, and even more so when the guest is good looking, funny, and artistically minded.

Ok, enough. But, you know what? It's nice to spend time talking with someone different, and to discover at the end of the afternoon, that there were a hundred things left to discuss. Fun!

So, that was Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday, when Ben (soccer-cutie) and I have pushed up our (still tentative) plans to. No, he's not the sexy-beach-date-who-(kinda)stood-me-up. I still haven't figured out what to do about that whole thing. No, Ben is really nice. You know, he sent a text a few days after the kids birthday party to ask how it went and also one after the concert on Friday. Nice. Nice is good. We just can't seem to have time in common. He works alot, and I have very specific free days. When I'm available, he's out of town. When he's available, I'm busy with my kids, or working.

And then, we'll have a day we think will work (TUESDAY, this time) and we don't end up getting together for that first date. What do you think? Is it never going to happen?
Kinda like trying to make plans with John the Biter (aka John the Asshole). [Don't you just love epithets?]

He and I just cannot seem to not have opposite work schedules, but the time we do spend together is fun. He's moving to Pensacola for their kick ass Anthropology program (Hm funny, I seem to recall SOMEBODY ELSE who planned on going there... me!). I recently found out he'll be gone before I get back from Colombia, and I looked kinda sad, so he said, "Hey, there's lotsa time between now and then (meaning, when I leave)" but I don't feel like it. Don't worry, no more long distancing here, we've always been casually involved... with really good chemistry, anyways.

Also, I've got some great hot pink, purple, and black paisley satin to make a dress out of. I need something a little dressy that covers the massive tattoo project on my back and shoulders, for the trip.

I can't decide on a neckline. Argh. I don't sew using patterns (patterns are for sissy's), I prefer to make it up as I go, but I can't start if I don't have a solid goal. And so far, all I have are sketches that all look as good as each other to me. I do have a plan for a kind of quirky, innovative way of shaping-in the torso which will also be a major time saver. I can't wait to get to that part of the work.

Oh, and way more important than all this crap; Amy had her baby!!!
He is really something, mmm. What a cutie, in the photo text I got. Seriously, Baby Avery is going to take Cambridge BY STORM.

She had the natural birth she wanted, and I hear he is at the breast and doing well... 9 lbs 7 oz.

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