Monday, January 5, 2009

two things that make me wonder if the poles really are moving

Ok, so today was pretty interesting.

First day back to work since the holiday break started and I was in the new building. But no phones or computers have been hooked up yet, so no actual work can go on in there. Which is silly because ALL of the necessary paperwork and every last piece of the dept's office supplies are... IN THE NEW BUILDING.

So I unpacked boxes and moved things around somewhat.

As pretty as some parts of it are (skylights, floor to ceiling windows and stonework, great color scheme, fantastic tile work), the new building is like a comedy of errors, a glimmering, two story monstre sacre.

There are piles of construction debris throughout, electrical outlets that have no juice, doors that need repairs, and various little bits of unfinished business everywhere. How can classes start in 6 days? Really, I implore you.

Anyways, that's not even the stuff that registered on my radar as unusual:

1) Daniel (the really smart guy) stopped by and said hi while I was at work. I say this is unusual because it has never happened to me before, and was the last thing I expected to happen today. He has a nice smile, too.


2) I was solidly rear-ended tonight in Pinellas Park (as I brake for cyclists-even those who choose to rewrite traffic rules), but there is not a scratch on anybody.

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