Saturday, January 24, 2009


So, we are in the midst of planning a snow-day. I thought at first that I'd drive the kids to, oh, say a mountain in West Virginia. That's 14 hours behind the wheel for me, and then we'd go crazy in the snow, sleep the drive off in our motel room, and then take pictures in the snow the following morning, and drive back home.

Essentially, it takes the whole weekend.

The appeal to this plan was CHEAPNESS. Then Harry suggested I not put my car through that abuse, and, since my transmission is starting to go, I realized the flaw in the plan. I looked at car rentals. I looked at train fares. I re-considered the itinerary to include NYC or D.C. or Albuquerque. It would still be a really short trip. We can leave on a Thursday afternoon (I'd have to do my bio lab on a different day, and just skip trig), and I need to have the kids in bed by 8 pm on Sunday.

I haven't hashed it all out yet, but the next few weeks will tell.

**** Also, breaking news. My cell phone is now broken. I CAN text but can't place or answer calls. So I also need to budget THAT in. Argh.

*****MORE breaking news. Cora just asked me to make her a "Laura dress".


Memarie Lane said...

oooh I hope you come to ABQ, that would rawk!!!

Memarie Lane said...

BTW speaking of cheapness, if you come to ABQ you can stay with us. You'd probably have to rent a car to get around, but you wouldn't have to worry about a hotel. Max and Jessamine can use their sleeping bags in our room and you can use their room.