Thursday, January 8, 2009

oh! the mystery

I found these growing in/on an old piece of raw potato skin (must have been a scrap of one that had a wierd spot, because we definately eat the skins here!). I think they are peppers, did I already tell you that? I can't wait for them to show their, er, colors.

The one to the left is mine, and the one to the right is an image of bell pepper seedlings I found online, trying to ID these.

Oh, and we have chives now too! Also, salvaged from the ole compost pile. Why doesn't everyone have one of these? It's amazing. We thow our refuse in and actually GET something back.

Watermelon seedlings were started today, in a little container, not in the compost, lol.


Memarie Lane said...

if they were growing on a potato skin, they might be potato seedlings. :P

Gladis said...

That did occur to me, and I was delighted at that prospect. Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Potatoes are very easy to grow, perhaps one of the easiest crops.

An old garbage can with some holes cut into it for drainage makes the perfect simple crop. Potatoes grow deep, you'll find potatoes throughout the can at the end of the growing season.

If you do grow potatoes, be careful not to grow potatoes in the same spot in the garden next year, each successive year of growing potatoes in the same soil makes the chances of potato blight more likely.

If you take the garbage can approach, the soil used in the previous year could be used to grow other things the following year.