Friday, June 19, 2009

summer reading list

I've stumbled upon a magical formula for ensuring that we get out of the house early on Tuesday mornings this summer!

If you know me, this is no small feat (I tend to run late and I don't normally enjoy rushing my kids through breakfast and out the door)... We want to be at the free kids movie early enough to ensure a seat, therefore the kids cooperate. And then after the movie, we stop at the used bookstore which is conveniently situated nearly next door to the theater.

It's foolproof and failproof.

The first week I got Artemisia which is a Mannerist art history legal mystery/novel/biography about a female artist. Densely rich, and perfect for wasting long stretches of time while educating yourself.

The 2nd week, I got Julie & Julia, which I later discovered is being made into a movie. I can definitely see why. Funny and fast read.

Now, I don't know what I'll take home on Tuesday, but I'm shooting for a copy of Hamlet. Of course, I've read it before, but it's been a while and I'm on board for the Infinite Summer challenge (thanks, Colin!!) and I ordered my copy of the reputedly Joyce-ian Infinite Jest today on Amazon. The title is a reference to Hamlet and I hear that it's best to have it fresh on the brain when going in to IJ. Which puts me behind schedule because I read the few pages I could today on Amazon, but in order to read all of it (1000+ pages) by summer's end, I've got to average 75 pages per week.

Oh, but the first handful of pages? Charming! Funny! And, considering the opening scene is a college admissions interview, close to home.


bRiaN said...

its funny how when you search for something you never find what you were looking for. But if you stumble around contented with what is already there the loneliness is replaced by joy.

Gladis said...

I don't know the first thing about loneliness being replaced by joy. My loneliness is pervasive in a way that I think maybe I need it to keep me afloat sometimes.

But yes- my best discoveries are the ones that are surprises.

bRiaN said...

I meant more in the sense of owning people. My greatest sense of loneliness has always come in the presence of other people. I never feel that lonely when Im actually alone.

amlizabeth said...

i have infite jest ifyou want to borrow. i couldn't get through it. maybe i'll try again.