Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had a cool idea for a short story

Two, actually.

And both are a little more.. sci-fi (??) than I ever write. Neh, not sci-fi, I don't know... I mean, just something else?

I enjoy the time-space-perceptionary stuff as much as anyone, but I never in a million years expected that kind of daydream brewing long enough in my head for me to want to actually sit down and make a note about it.


April Lindfors said...

Sounds fun. I have...oh, I don't even know how many story ideas I have written a few paragraphs or pages for and never finished :) I found this one very scifi one and it was several years ago. The story was interesting, I barely remembered writing it and wanted to know what was going to happened next...but I couldn't remember where i was going with the original story, lol. Do you ever share your stories..are they short stories, novels in the making?

Gladis said...

I think I tend to put all of my writing into one sphere at a time.. When I was 17 and 18, I wrote about a hundred decent poems and 4 or 5 actually good ones in a span of a few months.

Then, when I picked up the pen again a couple of years later, it was writing papers for college. Academic writing really gets me excited, too.

And blogging has been my main creative writing outlet for the past couple of years, I mean, I know it's "just blogging", and it's non-fiction, but it's still my fun writing.

I started a project intended to be a long one, a novel, in January after some deeply personal blows hit home, but it's not done enough to share. One or two writer friends have read or heard pieces of it though.

I just really had phobias about writing fiction (esp long fiction) and in January, part of me just wanted to break some boundaries.

So, do you think you are going to ruminate on that one you found? See if you can remember the old ending? come up with a new one?

Anonymous said...

I have four novels in my head, and about a dozen short stories.

I participate in NaNoWriMo every year, but these stories are not the stories in my head. Generally, these have been practice stories.

In November, I think I am going to write one of the novels that has been floating in my head. I think I'm finally ready to commit to a real story.