Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So...who else is doing the Infinite Summer? you there, in the back?

I want so much to discuss the first couple of parts of Infinite Jest w/ someone! Instead, I'll have to satisfy myself with telling you my own personal news:

So, I have a date on Sunday with this guy who's smart, funny, etc and it turns out he also Colombian. Wow, cool, I thought.

Turns out he was in my middle school gifted class w/ Mrs. Silos. Ha! Last night we reminisced: Remember when we had to memorized that poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley?? Remember when we mummified that chicken??? Haha!

Ans speaking of chickens... I secured 2 free range laying hens and a chicken coop for my kids today. For free. Just like that! Someone needed to get rid of them by Thursday.

Sweeeet. I love free stuff, even better when it's delicious free stuff.


April Lindfors said...

How cool! Free free roam chickens! That is going to be so awesome to have your own chickens/eggs. Cool suprise that you were in the same gifted class with this guy.

Gladis said...

yeah! I know! gifted! eggs!

At Harry's house, though, not here, but he'll hook me up since I'm hooking him up :D

April Lindfors said...

Hey, who knew I'd play tag in the blog world??
Tag, you're it! See this link for more info: http://a-muse-in-me.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-first-first-bloggy-award.html