Monday, December 1, 2008

the nutrient dense shopping trip (and other things that keep us going)

1 onion
2 green bell peppers
1 red bell pepper
some tomatoes, still on the vine
8 oz mushrooms
1 lb of broccoli
1 avocado
1 apple
2 lbs of bananas
orange juice

garbanzo beans
black beans
a dozen free range (ethical!) eggs
2 lbs of beef for soup

plain yogurt
fruit flavored yogurt for the kids

brown rice
slow cooking oats

1 bottle of white wine

Although I often forget them, I have discovered some other things, besides eating well, that I know are essential to my well being.

First and foremost are those (obvious) basics I've mentioned before; plenty of sunlight, fresh air, exercise, personal space, and PLENTY of time to relax. To those who would suggest that working a 40-hour-work-week, day in and day out, is even remotely sane I say "Mon Dieu! What do you think life is all about, anyways?"

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Leah said...

Hey Gladis-

My friend Amy has some questions about sewing diapers and I told her you are the one to ask (she's a newbie) I gave her your email address so you might get an email from her soon about it. Hope that's ok!