Sunday, December 14, 2008

it upsets me, so smooth it over with homemade cheer.

I am actually going to pick up the knitting needles again.

Think I can get something done in time for seasonal gift-giving? Who knows.

---Also--- Michelle, I am intending to mail a parcel to YOU "any day now". Which means after finals.

I've been meaning to send it to you since the last week of August.

Homemade things are the order of the week; Cora and I are giving her teacher homemade dog biscuits and a letter Z ornament, Conner's teachers will get plates of cookies, my mom is getting... uh, something. Bender reads this blog every-so-often, so I won't say exactly what she's getting, but it's handcrafted by me and since we live together, I'll get to see it frequently.

On the winter solstice, we'll be here with Yuletide cheer, lighting candles, singing songs, opening gifts, and decorating our very own piece of the forest with glittery paper-chains that the kids are putting together.

Down with exclusively store-bought holidays!

Down with Kay's and Lexus and JC Penny's!


Michelle said...

No worries, I know you're busy!

Memarie Lane said...

AMEN! I'm making braided rugs, which is a LOT harder than it looks. The only gifts I purchased were a few things for the kids.

Leah said...

I love making handmade gifts and getting them but there are certain people in the family who don't appreciate the work. It's so frustrating and then I just end up buying something instead. People don't realize that just because something is small it doesn't mean it didnt take hours to sew, crochet, knit, or craft.