Sunday, January 3, 2010

"mulish", also my FAILED attempt to avoid the cliche early Jan blog post

Mulish is a word Lynne Reid Banks uses quite a bit in The Indian and the Cupboard.. Cora and I are just a chapter from the end, probably finishing it tonight, and she's totally WOUND about it.

Ok, enough dallying. Here's my year in review, blah blah blah.

In January of 2009 I was still recouping from a rather personal blow I'd been dealt. There's little point in being cryptic, I guess. B and I had a bad falling out, and I expected to never speak with him again.

Feb 2009- continued working at SPC, full time student, etc. Car breakdown on Valentine's Day led to romantics which led to one of the most annoying dating relationships of my LIFE>

March 2009- still car-less, much of the same. probably TOO MUCH DRINKING, which led to some gradual weight gain in spite of all that extra bike riding.

April 2009- break up from most annoyingly splendid boyfriend ever, got an almost perfect SAT score, and bought a cool manual transmission car, all in the same couple of weeks. Would not actually have possession of said vehicle til the Hot Professor moved to Hawaii at the end of the semester.

May 2009- graduation(did not walk), celebration, CIGUATERA poisoning (basically akin to having a stroke), new car that I would be completely too uncoordinated to drive for some time. Saw DCFC in Orlando.

June 2009- saw the Decemberists in ATL, met Colin Meloy :) Went to Danny's wedding in Colorado, had my bday, and decided I was horribly fat. Committed to Tosca Reno's Eat Clean methods.

July 2009- played a lot of tennis with my mom, and a lot of scrabble to try and perk up those saggy brain cells after the neuro toxins had had their way with me. Also, drove the little car to Pensacola to check out the archaeological field school there. I just loved the dig, OMG. Ate clean. Read Infinite Jest.

August 2009- kicked it up at the gym, and got my bf % down a little, in anticipation of the fall semester plump up that would surely happen. Ate clean. USF orientation :)

Sept 2009- official university student. B and I plan a crazy trip, over beer and homework, to hike the Art Loeb trail in Western NC in the beginning of Oct. Ate clean, plus beer.

Oct 2009- busy busy with school, but first round of exams prove my metal- all As.
SWINE FLU. and immediately after, we leave for that damn hiking trip
(and also for seeing the Decemberists play the Hard Rock in Orlando). I say terrible things to B in NC, we end the friendship shortly after the trip. Clean eating. Lot's of flax and protein.

Nov 2009- Like a sudden windfall, begin dating most adorable boy ever, albeit briefly. On our third date, where we held hands for the first time, we went ice skating. I went down after a couple of ours of good fast skating, due to irregular ice (!!!) and shattered some thoracic cartilage/fractured a rib. The adorable boy and I call the whole thing off, (unrelated to the injury) and I have to nurse two kinds of wounds simultaneously, fun...immediately followed by Thanksgiving in Tally. Took a break from clean eating.

Dec 2009- finals! All As!! start of my blessed winter holiday and the return of sleeping in and having crazy adventures.

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LOL...u had quite an year