Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Up to my ears

At least it's anthropology and not recycling that's piled up around here!! (took the recycling to the drop off center yesterday)

Here's the update:

Archaeology- not too challenging so far. Easy in fact. I know a lot of this stuff already. I've been asking pertinent questions about the lecture material in class and Dr. Roos appears to know me and says hi when we see each other in the halls.

Bio Ant- well... I have a 100% so far on quizzes and 2 extra credit points added to the final total. Whew. John Trainor's personal research is of particular interest to me, especially now that I am eating (somewhat) differently; human diet and evolution.

Bio Ant Lab- My prof for this is such a sweetie, but she's a VERY ditzy one. The manual we're using isn't that great, but it's interesting. I just wish I had more of a bio background.

Methods- Prof is rather vauge and undetermined to influence our decisions, seems to be wanting to be accepting of whatever choices we make and uninvolved at the same time. The general consensus among the students is one of fear and insecurity re: lack of parameters for the big ethnographic projects we'll be pumping out. I met with him today and he was rather helpful (considering his in-class attitude), so I feel somewhat better about mine...

Linguistics- Dr. Smid thrilled me today when she tied primatology into the lesson. Love that a) it all comes full-circle in Anthro and, b) Everyone I'm surrounded by ALL WEEK LONG is passionate about the stuff that I'm passionate about.

So on a very different note- still prepping for the trip to NC. B brought over the pack I'll be using so I can start planning and weighing my gear.

I've been working out as usual, but started amping things up about a month ago, even before I decided to hike the Art Loeb Trail. I'm still doing a full body weights routine rather than splitting up the lower/upper stuff like some (most??) people do. I've gone up about 15% all around in how much I'm lifting, too. Still Eating Clean too, minus a single beer yesterday at a Labor Day BBQ and minus a Subway sandwich- chicken and veggies on wheat bread, no mayo, today (forgot my food at home, doh!). The bread or chicken is giving me a bit of a stomach ache though. I haven't had bread in... oh I don't know, 2 months?? Ugh. No more.

Anyways, I do expect to find that my bf % has dropped when Megan evaluates me this week... I'm pretty excited to see where I'm at, but also pretty nervous.

I'm naturally concerned about food during the trip. I know how much protein I need for my active life (between 10 and 20 grams per meal, 5-6 meals a day) and I know I need lots of good carbs. But they HAVE to be lightweight and shelf stable too. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Get a food dehydrator and a vacuum sealer. You can make high-protein and shelf-stable foods easily this way. Stick to stuff like fully cooked low-fat chicken that has been dehydrated. Fat goes rancid, dehydrated and vacuum sealed meat does not.

Focus on soups, they are easiest to prepare, and water is pretty easy to obtain on the trail if you have adequate filtration. Dehydrated food does best, in my opinion, when made into a soup.

I made an alcohol torch stove out of the bottoms of two soda cans, I use a Heinekin keg can with a lid as a pot, and a little mesh and tin foil to make a light-weight stove and pot setup with a wind shield. The best part is that all of this collapses and fits in the keg can with enough room left over for eight ounces of alcohol, or about four meals worth.

Yes... I make my own backpacking gear and food. It's the only way to pack light. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gladis, it's Sam -

Re: Your Methods class... sounds like the Prof is using the class to prepare you for postgrad... as anthro majors most of you will probably move on up the educational ladder, and experience of self-motivated research projects with a hands-off prof and vague parameters, however scary, is invaluable - in my MA I relied so heavily on the things I'd learnt in the ONE usf class where the prof gave us a postgrad-esque research paper. So, it's ok to be insecure, cos in the end it'll probably be the best work you've ever done! :)

Gladis said...

Justin- my friend Brian has a dehydrator. I am going to try that chicken jerky!!



Yes, I agree, the prof is definitely grooming us for that sort of thing. So far so good. I picked a topic I'm excited about, and I've gotten the ball rolling myself. It's a great feeling once I stopped feeling scared.