Friday, May 22, 2009

so went out with that anthro-guy the other night...

Maybe I was too generous when I described him as "wonderful" and "considerate"... I was poignantly reminded why, years ago, I had nicknamed him " _____ the Asshole".

I picked him up at his parents' house in the burg and we proceeded towards the tavern.

Literal "banter" from the first five minutes of the date...

me: so... you know how to drive manual transmission?

him: of course I do. I have a cock (gestures); I can do anything.

And, later on.

him: awww.... should we get you a map so you can find first?? [first gear]

him [during our vicious scrabble match at the bar]: you are making this game completely worthless!

me: you are SO much less annoying with your clothes off!

He started to open up and not be such a jerk when we were approaching his parents' house again. We were actually talking and sitting in the car and then I said maybe we should drive around the block, since we were getting along for a bit.

We went to Crescent Lake for a little while, and then I took him back home, before I'd feel compelled to strangle him again. He kissed me good bye and told me to not 'be such a stranger', and said that I'm still welcome to stay with him this summer, when I'm in Pensacola.

Ha, right.

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